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New Services from Good Foot Delivery

_______________________________________ er·rand    ˈerənd/ noun plural noun: errands a short journey undertaken in order to deliver or collect something, often on someone else’s behalf. “she asked Good Foot to run an errand for her” synonyms: task, job, chore, assignment; Mor

Going old-school in a modern city: Delivery on foot still surviving | Metro News

Company employs people with disabilities to delivery non-heavy items by foot or by public transit   Read Full Article Blog Post Source: Going old-school in a modern city: Delivery on foot still surviving | Metro News

Awards recognize social enterprises

Article via A recent awards ceremony recognized the people and organizations in Toronto that are changing the way people think about solving the mental health inequity problem. Enterpreneurism in Mental Health (SEMH) working group, in collaboration with MaRS Social Innovation Gener

How to get on the Good Foot

Article via Kristen Gauthier at Wind Magazine On a brisk, cloudless afternoon in March, Jon Gauthier arrived at the headquarters of AmoebaCorp, a boutique design studio with offices in Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood. He picked up a manila envelope and proceeded west, by streetcar, to a sma

Off on a good foot

Article via Jayme Poisson at The Toronto Star Jon Gauthier knows the TTC like the back of his hand. If he needs directions around Toronto he taps the coordinates into his iPhone. For the past six months, the friendly, tech-savvy Sudbury native has been trekking all over the city, delivering packages

Helping her brother find a Good Footing

Article via Sara Hampson at The Globe and Mail Put it down to the old Presbyterian work ethic. “The thought was always, ‘Well, why not just give him a job?'” says Kirsten Gauthier, 39, an entrepreneur who helped her brother Jonathan, by conceiving the idea for Good Foot Delivery in

Toronto’s Good Foot courier service also delivers good karma

Article via Ari Altstedter at The Globe and Mail A new Toronto delivery service that exclusively hires developmentally disabled people doesn’t want you to use their couriers because it would be a good deed. They want you to use them because it would be good business. Good Foot Delivery’s

Good Foot Delivery marches on into a second year!

Article via Robyn Urback at blogTO Good Foot Delivery has other Toronto courier services beat when it comes to social conscience. Because not only does it keep the environment in mind, but it strives to improve the lives of those with developmental disabilities. The first time I worked a regular nin
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